Many individuals may be fearful or even struggle when faced with the challenge of doing business presentations. This need not be the case, however, as there are some surefire methods for being able to craft, present, and actualize important business concepts in a way that they will be well-received and your presentation enjoyed. So what are some of the best methods and tips for giving effective business presentations?

 Don’t fidget

This one may seem pretty simple but the truth is when people are nervous they often have little fidgets, tics, or methods of speaking. Some people when they are nervous may pace back and forth in an antsy fashion or they may find themselves playing with a loose string absentmindedly or sticking their hands in their pockets. Regardless of what your personal favorite is – don’t do it! Portraying body confidence in your posture is one of the most important aspects of an effective presentation.

Having confidence in the way that you portray your body, the solid and decisive use of hand gestures, as well as an authoritative posture are all important elements in portraying that kind of confidence. Lack of confidence is a huge strike against a successful presentation because if your audience sees how nervous or uncomfortable you are, they start to wonder why they should believe in what you are presenting. This is especially important when it comes to persuasive speeches and presentations as opposed to just informative ones. People may be willing to be more forgiving if you are trying to inform them of something and public speaking is just not your forte but if you are trying to motivate them and engage them to do something, then that lack of confidence can be to your detriment.

 Speak confidently

Be willing to speak confidently, and for many individuals this actually requires practice. You may have to practice at your house, on the drive to work, or anywhere else possible learning how to speak in a confident persuasive voice. Voices that squeak or squawk, or people who stutter or throw in unnecessary words like “um” or “like” all denote a nervous disposition when speaking. This is especially harmful in the kind of business speaking required for presentations where it is important to convince and quell the concerns of board members, potential investors, and even superiors.

If you feel your brain taking a holiday during the presentation, pause, take a drink of water, and collect yourself. People are far less likely to notice that you needed a moment and think more that the climate control system is just set with too little humidity.

Being confident in what you know, being willing to speak without hesitation and without nervous laughter or fill in the gap words all show not just confidence but also strength, surety, and security. If you act and speak like you know what you’re talking about, your audience is more likely to be well receptive to it. If you act nervous and uncomfortable then why should the investors have any faith in it?

If you can have a confident body posture and confidence in speech, you will be well on your way in portraying a strong presentation that can motivate, engage, inspire, and more importantly portray strength and success.