What Are We About

Maginary is a creative studio that is a passionate conceptualizer, designer and experience builder for clients in Singapore and around the world. Our expertise includes multiple services and platforms, including graphic design, branding, website design & development, logo design and user experience, for both online and print.

We provide vision, strategy and creativity aimed toward a single goal: to help your organization stand out from the crowd and connect with your audience.

Empowering your creativity

We believe that the only way we make true progress is when you receive more than you invested. That is why do not shy away from giving out our design secrets, and even the tools that are capable of generating powerful imagery.

Design Tools

We provide a variety of tools that will assist you in your design production, even if you choose not to engage us.

Design Knowledge

Stay tuned to our weekly tips and tricks on visual design; they are bound to increase your efficiency in the creative sector.

Who’s This Guy Here

Ken Yong
Ken YongFounder/Chief Designer

Ken Yong is the Founder and Chief Designer of Maginary. He is a graduate of the University of South Australia, whose work has been recognized in Singapore and internationally with numerous awards by publications and industry organizations, including the OutDoor Industry Award, Future Design Award Singapore finalist, Crystal Cabin finalist and multiple Red Dot Design Awards.

Ken leverages his desires to think differently and act creatively to continually innovate within graphic design, branding and user experience processes.

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Our prior successful projects and campaigns demonstrate the passion and creativity that have made Maginary a top choice for forward looking Singapore organizations.

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