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Let us design your presentations and take the hassle out of them so you can focus on the delivery itself.

When It All Comes Together

The combination of these four design forces creates a powerful drive that challenges the conventional norms and places the presentation experience to a whole new immersive level.

As a company, presentations are what we are all about. Presentations are important to many different businesses, companies, individuals, and nonprofits and making a bold and dynamic presentation will not only help relay your information accurately and succinctly, but it will also help to move and motivate those you present to. It can be easy for your information to get lost in a slew of boring slides, redundant data, or even misinterpretation. But with a proper slideshow, you can leave a lasting impression upon your audience that will have them thinking about the information long after the meeting is over.

Presentations Drawn

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A Combination of Both Logical Thinking and Creative Visualisation

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What Our Clients Says

We are very much impressed with Maginary works. Communication is extremely crucial in the entire project phrase and Maginary display a very high level of professionalism in this area. We are extremely satisfied with the timeliness of the project delivery and will definitely recommend Maginary to our networks.
Swea Phing, Menonnetwork
After having worked with Ken Yong for the past 4 years, I find Ken’s work to be most satisfying. He has an eye for detail, is able to exercise his creativity and offer alternatives and options to suit our needs. Also, each piece of work is completed promptly and without delays.
Karen, TÜV Rheinland Singapore

Our Design Process

Talk to Us

Even if you are not ready to hire us, contact us, because our experts are always happy to give you their suggestions and propose the right solution for your needs.

Understanding You

We stand by your side, and begin by deeply understanding your company’s values and goals, as well as the challenges that trouble you.

Design Execution

To reach the frontier that you are working towards, we unleash a torrent of creativity that will instantly overwhelm your competitors.

Detailed Refinement

A single stroke does not sharpen the weapon, and we are happy make changes and revise the presentation to fit your needs.

Delivering Results

Upon perfecting the design that suits you, we will transfer the entire setup for you. Trust us, it might be useful in the future!

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