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What drives customer purchasing decisions? When all else is equal, superior graphic design that is professional, attractive and memorable makes all the difference in sealing the deal. Whatever your graphic design challenges, Maginary is ready to meet your organization with bold solutions that set you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Graphic design from Maginary is at the heart of expressing your message.

a mighty good start.

Presentation Design

Maginary creates powerful visuals that are bound to
hold the attention of your viewers. Although the saying
goes, “beauty lies not in the cover,’ it certainly gives you


Don’t let your audience suffer decision
paralysis by being bombarded by data.
Keep them on the edge of their seat as
you go on and on. Maginary delivers
visually compelling infographics
that speak directly and concisely to
your audience.

Print and Layout

Print is dead? Not for savvy organizations
that want an edge in competing for customers
and attention. Print is also very much alive for
smaller businesses that rely on print to make a
difference every day: cafe, customer service
organizations, hotels and more.

What is Creative Disruption?

Spearhead of success


Discover how our realm of services can be your weapon of domination.

Creative Disruption

Creativity is in demand right now, and there are disruptive techniques that immediately capture audiences’ attention and brings result. One of the premium services we provide is content that is controversial tand helps your business penetrate the market.

Digital Content Creation

So, you have an idea, or a vision that you wish to pitch to your prospective client. Rather than painting the idea through conversation and imagination, Maginary is capable of producing a digital impression to win over your client.

Four Cornerstones of Business Creativity

Better brands, gorgeous creativity and innovation within online and print contexts: Maginary is raising the bar for what can be accomplished on behalf of forward looking organizations in Singapore and beyond.

Graphic Creativity

Infographical Contents

Strong Brand Presence

Surrealistic Imagary

Icon Rockets

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