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Specializing in Singapore Logo Design & Visual Branding

Creative. Memorable. Thematic. Intuitive. These are logo qualities that inspire our process: we specialize in learning about your organization, understanding your audience and customers, and bringing clarity and focus to your logo design and visual branding. Our approach is meticulous and creative, with extensive opportunities throughout for you to contribute feedback.

You know your business better than anyone, but we know how to translate that into a logo that is simple, expressive and effective, so your audience can get to know you just as well!

Question We Asked

Who is your audience/customers?
What differentiates you from competing organizations?
Do you have any brand colors or imagery?
Is there a mood you want your logo to inspire?
Where is your logo going to be deployed: web, print or both?
What are some logos of other companies that appeal to you?

Branding and Identity

Give your logo a family it truly belongs to. In Maginary, we adopt the distinctive character from your logo and imprint it to the stationeries you give to your clients.

Print & Layout

Enhance your company image with our customised graphic designs. A beautiful design is bound to up the value of your product or services.


Less is more! Impress your client or management with informative graphics that directly represent your statistics you are going to bombard them with.

Contact us to learn more about how we can create a logo for you that energizes your identity and connects with your audience.

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